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…Some information before you make the reservation…

Our center in recent years has come close to the ever-increasing demands of animals and owners.

We have large box sizes with comfort that can help your dog spending a pleasant stay during your absence. To do this we will also need your help. How? Please read below…

Boarding Checklist

  • Bring your national ID or passport
  • Check all your pets vaccines to make sure they are up to date (keep reading down here..)
  • Dogs must have their microchip
  • Dogs must be protected with antiflea treatment (collar, drops or tablet)
  • If applicable for medications; please provide instructions with medications clearly labeled.
  • If you don’t want to change his food, pre-bag all meals into individual Ziploc bags (1 meal =1 bag). If your dog is staying more than 7 days you can bring his/her food bin or bag with its measuring cup.
  • Do NOT bring bowls. We provide them! If you want just bring his/her favorite toy. We have many blankets we wash and dry after every use but if you prefer to bring your dog’s favourite blanket please bring it
  • Bring dogs with collars or harness and leave the leash to us. We will give you back at check-out

Vaccinations recommended

All dogs visiting our facilities must be up to date with their triennial vaccination. In Italy is called ESAVALENTE or PENTAVALENTE.

US vaccines names may be different. In this case you must check if the your dogs have been vaccinated in the last 12 months with these vaccines: DA2PP + LEPTO or DA2PLP (which contains lepto).

LEPTO vaccine must be done in the last 12 months.We will not accept dogs and cats without this vaccination unless they have a paper from their vet saying:

  • They are too old and cannot be vaccinated
  • They have health issues

Dogs who decide to get also the recommended vaccine for bronco tracheitis must follow the the scheme:

Nobivac KC (dogs can be boarded at least 10 days after the administration)

If you don’t follow the scheme we cannot accept dogs in our facilities

Dogs coming from outside Italy must have their pet passport with the rabies vaccine up to date.

How to help your dog?

Dogs boarding facilities could be the best place in the earth for us BUT for our pets leaving their owners can be a sort of tragedy! To help them to live not traumatically the separation from their owners we give you the following tips:


For dogs that have never been boarded before we recommend doing a few hours’ trial. This allows the animal to know both us and our structure. When you come back, he/she will understand that you have not abandoned them forever and you will pick them up.

How does it work
Bring the dog in the morning (between 10am and 12pm) and come and pick him/her up in the afternoon (between 4 and 6pm). From Monday to Saturday (except public Italian holidays and the entire month of August). The trial is free and needs to be booked to check our availability.


Just let us know his/her eating needs (eat fish, lamb, beef, etc.) and how many times a day he/she eat at home.

We will try not to change his eating habits.

Inform the staff on arrival of all the diseases that your dog/cat has.
Warn if the dog is aggressive with strangers/other dogs and if it is a dog that tends to escape.
If he/she is afraid of thunderstorms it is good to know! We will find for him/her a more isolated and quiet box.


  • Daily cleaning and sanitation of the box
  • High quality croquettes Denkadog Premium Line and Prolife
  • Clean blankets, hygienic bowls and kennels of various sizes
  • Morning and afternoon walk
  • Kuranda orthopedic dog bed (for suites only)


  • Winter heating (we have 2 wood stoves and many heating lamps) € 2,50 per night
  • ExSpot anti-parasitic treatment (€8 for small dogs, €16 for medium dogs, €24 for large dogs)
  • Bath and grooming before check-out
  • Medicinal injection or administration of tablets


We accept cash payments, credit cards (VISA, CARTA SI, MASTERCARD), debit cards and Satispay.

We do not accept bank checks. You can pay with bank transfer but must be done at least 4 working days before the departure.


You can bring your dogs anytime during our opening times (excepted July, August and December), but check-out is always by the morning. You can also come to take your dog/cat in the afternoon but in this case we calculate an extra day.

July – August-December

From Monday to Saturday arrivals are JUST in the afternoon from 3:30pm to 6:30pm

on Sunday only in the morning from 10:00am to 12:00pm

In case you come to collect your dog in advance, you will have to pay the full amount you originally booked.

IMPORTANT: for the months of July and August a € 100 non-refundable deposit is required.

In case of check out with grooming, the exact pick-up time will be required to guarantee maximum professionalism and minimum waiting time.

The opening hours of our dog center try to meet the rules of good neighborliness. For this reason we can not accept or deliver dogs/cats outside the opening hours.

La nostra struttura - Our facilities

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