Dogs and cats boarding

Our center in recent years has come close to the ever-increasing demands of animals and owners.

We have large box sizes with comfort that can help your dog or cat spend a pleasant stay during your absence. To do this we will also need your help. How? Please read below…

Boarding Checklist:

  • Bring your national ID or passport
  • Check all your pets vaccines to make sure they are up to date (Not more than one year after the last vaccination)
  • Bring your pet passort and, if the pet comes from abroad make sure he has is rabies vaccine
  • Dogs and cats must have their microchip in Italy.
  • Dogs and cats must be protected with antiflea treatment (collar, drops or tablets)
  • If applicable for medications; please provide instructions with medications clearly labeled.
  • If you don’t want to change his food, pre-bag all meals into individual Ziploc bags (1/day)
  • If applicable for medications; please provide instructions with medications clearly labeled
  • Do NOT bring bowls or bedding. We provide beds, blankets and bowls. If you want just bring his/her favorite toy.
  • Bring dogs with collars or harness and leave the leash to us. We will give you back at check-out
  • Cats must be delivered with their cage to help us when we put him/her in his/her box and when we take them for check-out

Vaccinations recommended
We also recommend the following vaccinations to dogs that come to our (or other) boarding facilities, and in any case, to visit places with other dogs (dog parks, etc.):
These are pathogenic agents responsible for canine cough.

Animals with no vaccination papers will not be accepted unless accompanied by a veterinary certificate showing serious health problems of the subject.

How to help your dog?

Dogs and cats boarding facilities could be the best place in the earth for us BUT for our pets leaving their owners can be a sort of tragedy! To help them to live not traumatically the separation from their owners we give you the following tips:

For dogs that have never been boarded before we recommend doing a few hours’ trial. This allows the animal to know both us and our structure. When you come back, he/she will understand that you have not abandoned them forever and you will pick them up.

How does it work
Bring the dog in the morning and come and pick him/her up in the early afternoon. It’s OK also for 2/3 hours. The trial is free and needs to be booked to check our availability.

Just let us know his/her eating needs (eat fish, lamb, beef, etc.) and how many times a day he/she eat at home.

We will try not to change his eating habits.

If you really want to bring your croquettes then we ask you to divide them into bags and weigh them!

Inform the staff on arrival of all the diseases that your dog/cat has.
Warn if the dog is aggressive with strangers/other dogs and if it is a dog that tends to escape.
If he/she is afraid of thunderstorms it is good to know! We will find for him/her a more isolated and quiet box.

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