Our classes are held individually, except for Puppy Class and Rally Obedience.

Educational Classes and Puppy Classes last 1 hour, while Agility Classes last approximately 45 minutes in order to avoid stressing the dog too much. Classes are held from Monday to Saturday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Upon request, classes can be extended beyond the closing hours thanks to the the illuminated field.

Our classes

  • Pre-puppy consultation
  • Puppy education classes (up to 6 months)
  • Basic obedience
  • Education and socialization
  • Pre-agility and agility
  • Rally obedience
  • Nose work
  • Solving behavior problems

Most common issues

OUR classes will allow you to establish a balanced relationship with your four-legged friend, to learn to communicate with him in the right way and to solve any BEHAVIOUR PROBLEMS, such as:

  • He pulls when walking on a leash
  • He barks and disturb when you are not there
  • He does not obey and does what he wants
  • He bites and destroys everything
  • He doesn’t want to stay alone at home
  • He growls and/or bites
  • Too energetic dog


Our Contacts

You can book by calling Mattia at 349 37 91 577 or by sending an e-mail to