Pet Taxi Service

Our company is made up of qualified personnel not only in transport, but above all in the care of moving your pet with certified vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment. The result will be a comfortable journey, the fruit of our passion and love for animals.

Call us to accompany your cat or your dog according to your needs: for small or large journeys, such as going to the vet, for grooming, for boarding service or wherever you want.

For places that can be reached by land, we have a van set up and approved to transport pets designed and wanted to travel your friends in total safety. For more distant destinations we can also organize air shipments with high quality standards.

The van has an insulated environment where the animals stay and a ventilation system with fans for air circulation even on the hottest days.

Our pet taxi is equipped with a fresh water tank always available and recovery tanks placed under the accommodation to guarantee your pet a clean and disinfected environment.

Traveling with us will always be a pleasure in total safety. We always put your pet’s health and well-being first.

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