Our dog center offers a variety of dog training services, designed to help dog owners develop a healthy, harmonious relationship with their pets.

Here is a description of the training services offered at Von Casa Falco:

  • Basic training:
    • Basic Commands: Teaching basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “Come” and “Stay”.
    • Leash: Leash training for appropriate behavior during walks.
  • Advanced Training:
    • Behavioral control: Address behavioral problems such as aggression, fear or dominance
  • Puppy Training:
    • Socialization: Help puppies socialize with other dogs and people in a positive way.
    • Hygiene: Teaching hygiene habits, such as doing one’s business outside the home.
  • Training for competitions and dog sports:
    • Preparation to participate in obedience, agility or other dog sports competitions.
  • Behavioral therapy:
    • Address more complex behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, phobias or compulsive disorders.
  • Personalized training:
    • Training programs tailored to the specific needs of the dog and owner.
  • Courses for owners:
    • Courses for owners to teach them how to communicate effectively with their dog, recognize and resolve behavioral problems and provide appropriate care.
  • Home training:
    • Direct training service at the customer’s home, to deal with specific situations in the dog’s family environment.

We typically offer a combination of these services, customizing the program to the specific needs of the dog and owner. The main goal is to create a positive and stimulating environment for the dog, promoting desired behaviors and a trusting relationship between the dog and its owner.

For more information please contact Mattia at 349 3791577 (first contact with Whatsapp message)

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