Many customers ask us how our boarding facility works, what dogs will do while they stay with us. For this reason we decided to describe one of our days:

  • 8:00 am our day start with a check-out of the area to see that everything is in order. During the first check we close the dogs on the inside area. We start to walk the dogs of the suites in the surrounding gardens
  • 8:50 am the medicines are given to the dogs that need them and then we prepare meals for the dogs that eat 2 or 3 times a day
  • 9:00 am We start washing the outdoor area with products suitable for cleaning areas with dogs. Beginning cleaning of the cats area and feeding the croquettes. After washing, we start taking out the dogs of the standard boxes. Dogs are always alone and have no contact with foreign dogs. Sometimes we can have some dogs play together if we see they get along or if they’re puppies
  • 10:30 am coffee break
  • 10:40 am we start washing the indoor area of the standard boxes. The dogs are then staying in the daily area or in the surroundings gardens
  • 12:00 am clean dirty bowls and prepare a meal for dogs that eat 3 times. The common areas and outdoor areas are cleaned.
  • 12:30 am inspection round to verify that all the dogs have been put back in their box or suite and that they have water and are calm


  • At 3:30 pm we check all dogs and cats and take out our 4 legged clients for their second and last walk
  • At 3.45 pm we make some maintenance work on green areas and areas of the dog center
  • At 4: 45/5: 00 pm we serve the meals for all dogs. First we start with the dogs that have their own croquettes and then we serve all the other dogs.
  • At 6.00 pm we clean bowls and we make a final check on cats area
  • At 6:30 pm the last inspection tour, we also check the stove and load the pellets necessary to keep the dogs warm until morning (in winter)
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